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Why do I have to join WeMAR?
Individuals are not required by the association to belong. Association membership is voluntary. However, your broker may require you to be a member of a local REALTOR® association as a condition of joining their brokerage. When Designated Brokers join a local association, dues are owed for each licensee of the brokerage. For any non-REALTOR® licensee, the broker becomes responsible for dues owed, and their obligation under the NAR Code of Ethics increases. For instance, if a broker employs a non-REALTOR® licensee and an ethics complaint is filed against the licensee, the complaint goes against the broker as if the broker committed the act. REALTOR® associations have processes in place to aid in finding resolution for these instances.

As a REALTOR® member of WeMAR, do I have to join Arizona Association of REALTORS® (AAR) and National Association of REALTORS® (NAR)?
Yes. WeMAR is considered a local association under the state and national associations. When you join one, you join all three. You also receive member benefits from all three associations. Affiliate members join only at the local level.

If my REALTOR® membership is inactive can I still sell real estate?
You do not need to be a member of a REALTOR®  association to sell real estate. You do need to have an active real estate license with the Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE) to sell or perform real estate related functions in Arizona. If your REALTOR®  membership is inactive, you will not have access to MLS, ActiveKEY, zipForm®, or any other REALTOR® benefits.

What is a NRDS number?
NRDS stands for National REALTOR® Database System. It is a unique 9-digit number assigned to members to identify you when you join a REALTOR® association. This number remains your REALTOR® identification number even if you change associations. You will need this number to set up your account with NAR, to set up your account with AAR, to log into your account, and to use related sites and resources like zipForm® and eSign®. You can print your Member ID Card online at You can look up your NRDS# at
Do my membership dues include my MLS and lockbox key access?
No. Dues cover the local, state, and national fees. Both MLS and ActiveKEY® (lockboxes) have separate fees associated with them. MLS dues, paid to Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Services (ARMLS®), are good through June 30. They are due each year by July 1 and can be paid online at If you choose to access MLS, you will be assigned an MLS ID number. learn how to join MLS

In order to have a lockbox key, you must also be a member of ARMLS®. Lockbox fees are due September 22 and are paid to ARMLS® through the Support Centers. learn more about getting a lockbox key

Do I have to get MLS as a REALTOR® member?
No. If you do not want MLS, please ask for an ARMLS® waiver.

I transferred to a different brokerage; can I take my listings?
Listings are actually assets of the brokerage in which they were originally listed. It is up to the broker to release listings to another brokerage. You will also need permission from the sellers of the property. Discuss this with the broker prior to transferring and speaking with your sellers. Once you know for sure you have permission to transfer listings, ask your broker and sellers to sign the WeMAR Listing Transfer Authorization (found at Once completed, fax it to 623.931.1008 or email to membership.

Where can I get zipForm® and who do I call if I have problems?
It will take 24-48 hours before you’ll be able to access zipForm®. Thereafter, you’ll be able to login to to download zipForm® desktop and/or online versions. This webpage also includes a Help Center where you can access videos, training, and support. To speak with someone regarding zipForm®, call 480.304.8930 or email support. get more information about zipForm®
How can I change my personal contact and office information?
You will find the WeMAR Membership Change Form at Email your completed change form to If you submit your changes to WeMAR, we will update our databases as well as AAR, NAR, and ARMLS®/ARMLS® Support Centers. You can update your information on zipForm®, eSign®, and other third party vendor sites  under your profile. REALTOR® associations are not affiliated with ADRE. It is your responsibility to submit your changes to ADRE and you can do so at under Online License System or

My legal name is Charles; why can’t I go by “John”?
Arizona State Law (ADRE) states you must use your legal name in all real estate dealings, which include association membership and MLS contracts. The only exception is a common nickname, i.e. if your legal name is Jonathan, you may use John. For more information, refer to the Directory and Summary of Arizona Administrative Code, Title 4. Professions and Occupations, Chapter 28. State Real Estate Department:
What benefits do I receive as a REALTOR® member?
Benefits of membership include using the trademark “REALTOR®”, as well as the ability to utilize MLS, lockbox systems, zipForm®, and eSign®. Members can also take advantage of discounts through NAR, AAR, and WeMAR. As a REALTOR®, you are part of an industry that values, and pledges to abide by, the NAR Code of Ethics. To lodge a complaint against another REALTOR®, contact AAR at 602.248.7787. All three associations are political advocates for their members and work toward protecting the real estate industry and related policies. Each association offers a variety of benefits to help you in your business and personal life. You will find benefits offered by NAR at, AAR at, and WeMAR at

Do I have to take a Code of Ethics class?
Every REALTOR® is required by NAR to take a Code of Ethics (COE) class every cycle. Cycles are two years in length. The current cycle began January 1, 2017 and ends December 31, 2018. New WeMAR members are required to complete a COE class within their first year of membership. We ask that you take a COE class within the first 90 days. You are not considered a REALTOR® until you have completed the Code of Ethics and will hold a “Pending” membership status. Once you attend and submit your COE completion certificate, we will record your fulfillment and update your membership status to “Active.” You then will be added to the WeMAR Member Directory on

Does WeMAR offer education classes?
Yes, WeMAR offers a variety of continuing education (CE), designation/certification, and specialty classes. We also have a relationship with three online CE schools. You can find our schedule of classes and events at under the “Calendar” tab. Click on any date on the calendar to see what is scheduled on that day. You can also search for class names or continuing education credit. Register for classes through the “Register For This Event” link toward the top of the detail page or according to the information listed in the class details. You will also find information regarding education offered at WeMAR, the online CE schools, the Code of Ethics, and ADRE education requirements under the “Education” tab. 

How do I get involved in volunteer committees?
Simply contact the liaison for the committee in which you would like to participate or come to a meeting. Meeting dates and times are listed on the Event Calendar at What is your passion? Is it Community Affairs & Public Policy, Professional Development, Communications & Technology, Charitable Events & Community Outreach, or Motor Sports? Affiliate members can join these  committees, as well as the Affiliate Committee. These committees may also have workgroups within them in which all members are invited to participate. For more information, visit Check out our networks at

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